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10th Feb 2018

These Are The 14 Cheating Signs To Look Out For If You Are Worried About Your Partner

Darragh Berry

Valentines Day is fast approaching but this time of year might not be a happy and joyful time for couples. 

Some people in relationships may be fearful about their partner and might be worried that they are playing away.

Meow Gag asked around and sought advice from experts in order to come up with a few signs to look out for if you are suspicious. 

1. People usually cheat with someone they know – Apparently they feel less guilty when they are cheating with someone they are familiar with. 

2. Cheating can be defined in many ways – Sometimes, lying is worse than an actual one-night stand but can be the start of cheating. 

3. People who fake it are more likely to be cheaters – Enough said. 

4. Many couples stay together despite all the cheating – “The idea of separation on any cost scares them.”

5. When a man cannot get enough intimacy from his partner – “Where there is love, there is good intimacy so more often than not it is the other way around.”

6. Cheaters are not always unhappy in their relationship 

7. Women cheat to end a relationship – “It is harder for women than men to come up and break up with their partner so when they are unhappy in a relationship they tend to look for the easiest way out which is cheating.” 

8. Getting back on your partner does not work – “It’s not an eye for an eye.”

9. Emotional cheating can be more dangerous – “Emotional cheating is more dangerous because it either means that you are not emotionally enough for them or they do not feel comfortable enough around you to share their stuff.”

10. Social media can lead to cheating – Sending pictures and messages on Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook has become all too easily and sneaky. 

11. Cheaters want to get caught – “Cheaters are happier when they get caught because it stops the endless lies and hiding.”

12. Women cheat when they are high on hormones

13. Cheating makes you more playful – “Of course it does because the more the merrier. When you are with so many different people, you adopt multiple behaviors and that starts appearing after a while.”

14. Your partner is unhygienic – “If your partner is unhygienic, you tend to stay away from them no matter how good their personality is. This leads to cheating because you cannot let go of a good person but the stink makes it hard to be near them.”

Worth looking out for these.

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