19-year-old labrador in urgent need of 'an end of life home'

By Jody Coffey

September 21, 2023 at 12:31pm


Praying someone gives him a loving home.

Dogs Angels Ireland (DAI) is urgently calling on the public to consider opening their home up to a 19-year-old male Labrador who is in need of 'an end-of-life home' with the support of the non-profit organisation.

The dog's owner has dementia; therefore, the dog is living in a shed with someone calling by to feed it.

"How lonely he must be feeling, so broken and its just not right for a dog to be living like this and not at his age," DAI wrote on their Instagram post.

They have made a plea for anyone who could offer their home for the old dog to give him 'some comfort and love' for the remainder of his life.

"It's hard to think about him left there one more day. He's been on his own for so long now we really can't say about other dogs but he needs a place ASAP.


"We are so hurt by this knowing how life is treating him. It's time for him to have all the love in the world."

Many well-known Irish names have also added to the call, bringing awareness to and urging their followers on their stories to help the 19-year-old dog find a proper home, including dog-lovers Rozanna Purcell, David Fitzpatrick, and Maeve Madden.

If this isn't feasible for you, DAI is also asking people to consider if they know of a family or person willing to take the Labrador in and to reach out through email ([email protected]) or direct message on their Facebook; please do not reach out to the organisation via their Instagram.

We're praying for a lovely new and warm home for the old dog.


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Header images via Instagram / Dog Angels Ireland


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