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16th Mar 2022

22% of Irish people wouldn’t give up a nice lunch to save money

Fiona Frawley

Cue the avocado toast comments.

This has been a huge debate over the last few years. There are those who believe millennials will never afford a house because we spend all our money on brunch and fancy coffees, and those who feel that due to the price of rent and general cost of living, a mortgage is so unattainable that a few flat whites and nice lunch here and there could hardly make much of a difference.

Avocado toast from Póg Dublin. 14/10 wouldn’t sacrifice. 

Whatever your stance is on the matter, the results are in – almost a quarter of Irish people wouldn’t sacrifice a nice lunch to save money, according to a study by Subway.

But with 76% admitting they’re frugal with their spending, what do people do to save instead?

Subway’s survey of 1000 Irish people found that over a third (38%) have cut their own hair to save funds, while 28% avoid social occasions to save on present-buying. Also, 19% admit to stealing toiletries from hotel rooms to save cash. Ross Geller would be proud.

However, there are some things we’re not willing to scrimp on. 32% of us would never give up our weekly takeaway to save money, while 26% would not be willing to sacrifice a night out. To be fair, it’s been a rough two years. Just let us have them.

When it comes to splitting the bill, 54% of people believe that it should be split equally on a first date. While only 3% of women say they would insist on paying for the lot, 57% of males maintain that they will always foot the costs. Meanwhile, 59% of people admitted it annoys them when their partner is tight with money.

Despite a chunk of us being unwilling to give up our tasty lunches, 35% of people said they’d pick up a meal deal to save a few quid. See? We ARE responsible.

Header image via Instagram/Urban Health Dublin 

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