9 Father's Day gift ideas from Irish businesses

By Fiona Frawley

June 13, 2022 at 11:22am


The day is fast approaching, and dads are famously hard to buy for.

I like to divide up categories of Irish Dads a-la the cafeteria scene in Mean Girls - you've got your GAA Dads, BBQ Dads (aka, dads who like to scorch sausages within an inch of their lives and serve up brown bits of char that once resembled steak), Golf Dads, Rock Dads (who are partial to a bit of, as you might have guessed, Dad Rock), Retired Dads who took up cute hobbies like painting or bird watching over the pandemic... the list goes on.

Whatever category of Dad yours falls under, there'll hopefully be something perfect for him on this list. From magic wallets to pint-and-paint kits, we've got you covered.

Retro GAA Jerseys from O'Neills

After Paul Mescal putting GAA apparel back on the map, your Da might want to get in on the action too. O'Neills have a great selection of retro style jerseys for all counties, with 80s and 90s Irish jerseys too depending on what you're into. Have a browse HERE.

A 1989 Maigh Eo jersey, image via O'Neills 

Cocktail and Sock Combo from Irish Craft Cocktails

You can never, ever go wrong with socks, and Irish Craft Cocktails have created a gift set including a colourful pair and an expertly mixed Old Fashioned - perfect for an evening in front of the telly.


Hunterson Magic Wallet from Designist

I tested this out on my own dad over the weekend and honestly thought I was watching an episode of the Late Late Toy Show. The man was transfixed. A compact wallet that fits all your bits, and also flips and folds in a way that will keep your Pops occupied for hours. Available from Designist.

Cheese Pairing Gift Box from Folláin

One for all the foodie dads out there. Irish company Folláin have recently launched their Cheese Pairing Gift Box, a selection of their favourite preserves, relishes and chutneys accompanied by a special cheese pairing guide and a limited edition serving spoon. Order HERE


Paint by the Pint kits

For anyone looking to awaken their inner Don Conroy. Paint by the Pints are a deadly business who organise online and in person paint & pints events, but you can also order the kits online for your dad to use at his own leisure. There are kits for painting your favourite pub, an abstract scene or the iconic Guinness Toucan. Check them out and get ordering HERE.

Dublin Bricks Kit

Does anyone ever grow out of loving Lego? As you probably know by now, Dublin Bricks has spent the last couple of years lovingly recreating iconic Dublin pubs, Father Ted scenes and the Italia 90 mascot in Lego form, with instructions for how to assemble them yourself at home. A great gift for dads who like to spend a Sunday doing something creative and therapeutic. Check out what's on offer HERE.

Cookbook by an Irish chef


There are so many to choose from, across an array of cuisines. If your dad is a whizz in the kitchen, or if he just thinks he's a whizz and you'd like to gently encourage a step away from his nightly meat-and-two-veg routine, consider ordering him a beautifully laid out cookbook from a top Irish chef.

Vinyls from a local music shop

For all the Dad Rock aficionados. Check out Dublin Vinyl , Spin Dizzy, Rollercoaster Records and Freebird just to name a few!

A boujie hamper from Fallon and Byrne

Another one for all the foodie fathers out there. As you'd expect, Fallon & Byrne have put together a range of beautifully prepared hampers for your dad to unpack and delight over on Fathers Day. Hopefully he'll share the cheese with you too.


Sunrise Alarm Clock from Three

One for the gadget-loving dads, or those in need of a bit of zen in their lives. The Lexon Miami Sunrise will wake him up gently by gradually increasing the level of light, and he can also choose from 6 natural sounds to help ease him out of his slumber.

Lexon Alarm Clock available from Three Ireland stores and three.ie, €66. 

Header image via Irish Craft Cocktails/Dublin Bricks 

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