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17th Jan 2018

Apparently Sleeping In This One Position Ages You Overnight

James Fenton

Are you a fan of sleeping face down? You might want to reconsider that before hitting the hay tonight.

Dermatologist Purvisha Patel has spoken to Men’s Health about common nighttime mistakes which damage our skin and cause us to age overnight. 

One of the mistakes highlighted is sleeping on your face…

Dr. Patel says that “Gravity wins when we sleep on our faces. The immediate effects, puffiness and swollen eyes, are caused by gravity pulling the fluid in your face downwards.”

If you don’t want to wake up looking ten years older, Dr. Patel says to train yourself to sleep on your back to lessen gravity’s effect on your boat race. 

Other nighttime mistakes which Dr. Patel points out are ageing us faster are not washing our faces before bed, using too many grooming products and not drinking enough water. 

Avoid these habits and your skin will look young and fresh forever, we guess. 

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