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17th Sep 2018

New Survey Reveals The Actual Cost Of An Irish Wedding In 2018 And It’s Really Expensive

Darragh Berry

For some, the thoughts of planning a wedding are something you’ve been thinking about since you were young.

For others, it’s the definition of an absolute nightmare coming to life. All those guests, all that food and drink, HOW MUCH PER HEAD??

And, if you’re planning a wedding this year or even early next year, you better have saved a shitload of money.

The wedding experts over at OneFabDay have revealed in a new survey that the average price of an Irish wedding is a whopping €31,000.

Holy smokes.

Editor for the site said that couples are normally too shy to reveal the actual figures:

“There’s a real taboo about saying you spent €5,000 on a dress, but likewise, that you cut costs on your catering. We want couples to know there’s no right or wrong amount to spend on your wedding.

“The average cost of wedding in Ireland is €31,000, but the breakdowns so far have featured weddings with a €2,000 budget right up to a €75,000 spend.

“We hope these breakdowns give couples a realistic view of what weddings cost, but also help them see that you can have an amazing day, whatever your budget.”

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