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20th Apr 2018

The Top Five Most Popular Counties To Holiday In Have Been Revealed

Darragh Berry

With weather like this (for as long as it’ll last), and scenic views as far as the eye can see, you’d be absolutely stone mad DAFT to leave this little island and think about holidaying abroad.

iReach insights have conducted a survey to find out what destination in Ireland is most popular with Irish people for going on holidays.

The survey, which was published in The Irish Mirror, found that The Town of The Tribe, Galway came out on top with nearly one in three people opting to go there.

It comes out on top over from Kerry who, in 2017 had 36% people favouring to head south for an Irish holiday.

Of those surveyed, 59% stated that they would rather go abroad (we have no idea why), 18% said that they would go somewhere in Ireland while 23% said they would do both.

Well isn’t it happy for some.

The survey asked around 1,000 adults about their holiday plans for 2018.

The top 5 destinations in Ireland are:

  1. Galway (32%)
  2. Cork (29%)
  3. Kerry (24%)
  4. Dublin (21%)
  5. Louth (19%)

Don’t agree with this list? Let us know what your top five places would be in the comments.

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