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09th Oct 2023

Flight attendant reveals the ‘best’ seat to book on a plane and why

Katy Thornton

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Something to consider the next time you’re spending the extra moola for your seat.

Virgin Australia flight attendant, Rosie Awad, has been working in the industry since 2014 and has picked up some stellar tips along the way.

Most recently, she revealed why she always books seats in the fifth row when she’s not working – and listed the surprising benefits.

Whether you love to have a window view, or an easy escape from the aisle seat, if you fly often you have definitely experienced the ‘bad’ seats on a plane at least once.

Rosie has provided a hot take on which seats to book and, more importantly, which ones to avoid on a Boeing 737-800.

She told Escape: “The worst seat (for crew) is the 1R jump-seat (at the front of the aircraft).

“You’re facing the cabin, looking at the passengers… they’re looking at you… it can turn into an awkward staring contest.

“The worst seat for passengers would have to be the last row, or any row next to a lavatory (I’m so sorry to those who get any in that row).

“I think it’s pretty self explanatory why this is chosen!”

She went on to explain why row five is her go-to when booking her own holidays, and said: “I would always choose row 5 [on our B737-800] at the window.

“There are great views, you can see the airplane wing, you get extra leg room, there are no emergency exit responsibilities, you’re able to put a bag under the seat in front, it’s close for disembarking, and is one of the first rows to be served for inflight service … see why I chose it?”

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