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11th Nov 2017

Here Are The 7 Dos And Don’ts When Attending An Office Party


There’s nothing like getting to know your work colleagues at a good office party.

While we all love a party now and again, many feel the nerves kick in at the thought of one – whether it’s to celebrate a recent promotion, a team success or coming up to Christmas there are certain guidelines you should follow.

You want to have a great time but you don’t want to end up being classed as the party ‘clown’ – because the name will stick and you’ll have to face everyone the next morning or following week.

To help you, here’s seven dos and don’ts of an office party:

1. DO go along to the party

Sometimes if you’re not feeling in the party mood it can be hard to motivate yourself to go – but do.

Some people are the life and soul of the party while others cringe at the idea of hanging out with people they work with, especially if you’re new to the crew.

Parties in work are a great opportunity to have fun and get to know the people you sit next to a little better. You might even find yourself a new work bestie.

2. DON’T kiss a work colleague (or worse yet your boss)

While you may have had a bit too much to drink, it’s not a good idea to go and shift the cute guy who sits across from you in work.

You might think it’s a good idea and it will be something you can tell your friends that you ‘hooked up’ with someone from work.

But you’re more than likely going to end up as the subject of scandalous gossip in work for the foreseeable future. Don’t be an embarrassment!

3. DO dress for the occasion – but appropriately

An office party is the perfect time to get out of your usual weekly office clothes and wear something a bit more flashy – but be careful not to overdo it.

You might want to throw on a dress or something comfortable and get glammed up a bit but make sure you’re modestly covered – photos are bound to be taken and you don’t need an accidental shot of your wardrobe malfunction captured on Facebook…forever.

4. DON’T try out new dance moves that you think are ‘cool’

After a few drinks (and maybe one or two too many) you might feel like showing off your dance moves.

However, you need to be mindful, you’re probably not a trained dancer and those twerking moves you saw Miley Cyrus pull are not going to look so trendy in your tipsy state. Plus, those old dance moves that were trendy in the 90’s aren’t so much now.

You may end up thinking people love your dancing, but you’ll be the source of a funny video that could go viral online – just saying.

5. DO drink at your own pace

When you’re in the party mood you can be tempted to enjoy yourself a bit too much and drinking way too many drinks.

Just try not to go overboard – you don’t want to be remembered as the embarrassing and sloppy drunk.

Have a few and get a good buzz but maybe shots aren’t always the best of ideas.

6. DON’T talk about anything that is work related

We talk about our work and jobs all the time.

At a party everyone wants to switch off after a long week’s work and no one wants to hear about work.

Try to not think about it for the night and just enjoy yourself – go on, you deserve it.

7. DO have fun

At the end of the day, you’re meant to have fun at parties – that’s the idea.

Try to let loose (in moderation) and enjoy yourself because with food, drinks and good company office parties can definitely be memorable and a time to have a bit of craic with people you might not usually hang out with on the weekends.

Office parties always make good stories and memories.

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