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02nd Nov 2023

Irish child given tub of mayonnaise instead of sweets on Halloween

Fiona Frawley

mayonnaise halloween trick-or-treating

As one Reddit user shrewdly observed, “what the Hellman?”

As children all over the country gradually work their way through their Halloween hauls, blissfully equipped with enough Freddos and mini Haribo bags to last them til Christmas, one trick-or-treater was offered a condiment to add to the pile.

An Irish mother took to Reddit to recount her child’s trick-or-treating experience, from which she came away with one (1) mini mayonnaise dip from McDonald’s.

Detailing the interaction, the woman wrote:

“I never knew my kid will be coming home from trick or treating screaming “Mum I got mayo look! I got mayo! A MAYO!”

“The little mayo dip from McDonald’s”.

Image via Getty

Definitely not a conventional Halloween treat but the mother insists her child was delighted, adding “they don’t remember what house it was so I just want to say thanks here and maybe the cool person will see it. So if you gave mayo to my little tinkerbell please let me tell you my kids love you, it absolutely made their day”.

According to the post, the child’s haul also included apples, a banana, a pear, a fruit pouch and a yogurt bar. Back in the glory days of trick-or-treating we’d curse the house that arrived to the front door with apples and pears but hey, maybe times are changing.

For the most part, commenters are in support of the saucy offering with one person writing “Go egg their house. But don’t throw and break the eggs, just give them eggs so they can make more mayonnaise”. Another said “love that when you see someone gave mayo to tricker treaters, you thoughts are, that must be a Redditor”.

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