Can You Spot The Two BIG Mistakes In Leo Varadkar's Paddy's Day Tweet

By Darragh Berry

March 17, 2018 at 2:05pm


Green, white and orange, Leo. It's always green, white and orange.

As an Irish person, you have to get these things right, especially on Paddy's Day. We've all nearly made this mistake. The Italy flag is the bop of the Irish one and the Ivory Coast flag is like looking at ours in a mirror. 

Poor old Leo got caught out, and in the same tweet, also managed to use the wrong symbol when trying to explain his excitement for the Ireland v England game. 

He said: "There’s been a phenomenal response to our #ThisIsIreland video. More than 3.2million views so far. #HappyStPatricksDay ☘️ to everyone around the world and #COYBIG in #Twickenham" while using two emojis, an american football not a rugby ball, and the Ivory Coast flag.

The Taoiseach did of course correct himself in the very next tweet posting about 5 Irish flags with shamrocks. If you make the mistake, it goes without saying that you've got to double down on the Irishness.

Fair play to him though, he kept the tweet up. All that American air must be getting to him.

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