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17th Feb 2022

Limerick welcomes its first Pride Rainbow Crossing

Katy Thornton

limerick pride rainbow crossing

The Pride rainbow crossing is the perfect addition to Limerick city.

Limerick City just got a lot more colourful, installing their first Pride rainbow crossing in an act of solidarity. RTÉ News reports that the crossing is located beside the pedestrian crossing on Bridge Street.

Of the decision, RTÉ News said this:

The council said it is designed to express with pride how Limerick is an inclusive place to live, work and call home.

This Pride rainbow crossing was also installed as a way to upgrade the pedestrian routes in Limerick city.

Mayor of Limerick Councillor Daniel Butler told RTÉ News this of the crossing’s instalment:

One of Limerick’s strengths is its diversity. The LGBTQ+ community is a huge part of who we are in Limerick and I am delighted to see the Pride Rainbow colours appear in such a prominent way.

“Thousands of people pass along this route every day and this is a very visual way for us to say that Limerick is inclusive and welcoming to all.”

We hope to see more of these Pride crossings show up around Ireland. Back in September 2021, Derry unveiled Northern Ireland’s first Pride rainbow crossing.

Header image via Instagram/rtenews

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