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10th Sep 2021

Live your best sustainable life with these leggings made from recycled bottles

Fiona Frawley

Yes, you read that right.

Second hand September is a great time to make ourselves more aware of the world of sustainability, and what steps we can take personally to help. A great way to reduce your own carbon footprint is by making more sustainable shopping choices, which understandably can seem like a daunting concept sometimes. But you don’t need to commit completely to second-hand shopping or stop buying clothes altogether to become more sustainable – small changes like borrowing a dress for an event rather than buying new or scrolling through Depop or Thriftify rather than a fast fashion site from time to time can make a difference!

There are also so many new small businesses and clothing lines making it their mission to work with recycled materials and reduce carbon emissions which is great – it means we can support local and be reassured that the businesses we choose to buy from are doing their bit for the environment. With that said, have a gander at Irish business Be Mona, who make stylish and inclusive activewear from recycled water bottles.

How stunning are these sets? They’d make the perfect present for the active wear lover in your life, or as a little gift from you to you. Each sports bra is made from 11 recycled plastic bottles, and the leggings are made from 25.

The website assures the leggings are squat-proof for the gym heads among us, but comfy and snug for lounging in too (this is more the criteria I look for personally but whatever you’re into). Their manufacturing site also follows leading social accountability standards and “guarantees fair wages, safe and healthy conditions and no forced or child labor”. There’s lots more information about the business and how they do what they do on their website and Insta if you’re interested.

Definitely worth a look if you’re in the market for some new gym bits!

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