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09th Sep 2021

Aldi has some fab new pet accessories available from Sunday

Katy Thornton

If you’re looking to treat your furry friends to some comfort, Aldi is the place to shop!

Last month we got dog tepees, which were just adorable. This month Aldi are bringing out some more cosy accessories for your pet in their special buy section.

Introducing the cat ball bed and the pet stairs.

Cat Ball Bed

The cat ball bed is for those cats who love nothing more than curling up for their day-time nap. It comes in three variations, pink, grey, or if you have a fancy cat, this trendy cactus print (our personal fave). This bad boy is only €13.99 and will bring so much joy to your feline friend.

Photo via Aldi

Plush Pet Stairs

And for those pups with shorter legs (looking at the little dachshunds and bassets of the world) the perfect addition to your living room are these pet stairs. Jumping on and off couches or beds can affect some dogs’ spines, therefore these stairs are a fabulous solution. They are collapsible and come with plush steps or Sherpa steps depending on your preference. Each step also provides storage, making this pet accessory also useful for owners. These steps are €15.99 each.

Photo via Aldi

Both these items go on sale from Sunday 12th September. So there’s only one question really. Which pet accessory are you treating your furry friend to this week?

Header image via Aldi

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