Our fave Halloween costumes from last year if you're in need of inspiration

By Katy Thornton

September 22, 2023 at 10:42am


From Pitbull to a very disturbing electricity bill...

It's hard to believe that Halloween is just 6 weeks away, and that means you'd want to be getting a move on with your costume. While we have no doubt there'll be groups and groups of Cowboy Barbies, Patriarchy-fuelled Kens, suit clad Oppenheimers, and maybe a few Havaiana flip flops (we look forward to seeing how people pull this off), 2022 saw a great effort made that might just help the creative juices get flowing.

While I went as basic as they come, as Ariana Grande in an over-sized sweatshirt, knee high boots, and a headache inducing ponytail, plenty of people went way more original or hilarious for their costume, and if you're stuck for inspiration for 2023, let's take a look at some of the best costumes from last year's festivities.

Nicola Coughlan as Regina George's Mum

We were just obsessed with Nicola Coughlan's sweet and simple costume as Regina George's mother, a true icon. Adorning the classic pink juicy zip-up, Coughlan re-enacted the scene from Mean Girls where Cady goes to Regina's house for her socials, and to no one's surprise, she did an incredible job.


Lauren Whelan as Pitbull

Mr Worldwide was probably one of the most popular costumes I saw in 2022 and as a big fan of Mr 305, I applauded the effort; I attended a Halloween party where there were four of them alone.

The smell of latex from bald caps filled the air for Halloween 2022, and Lauren Whelan of TikTok fame really brought Pitbull to life with her costume.

Aisling Bonner as a Dublin seagull


Sorry but as Halloween costumes go, this one is brilliant and very fitting for 2022, as seagulls seem to have only gotten more terrifying in Dublin this past year.

As Aisling says, "There won't be a bag of chips safe in Dublin" and we can believe it.

Jedward as David Bowie and Elton John

We never doubted them, but Jedward knocked it out of the park this year dressed as David Bowie and Elton John; they were born to wear those shiny suits.


Electricity bill girl as Electricity Bill Girl

Not a word of a lie that an electricity bill is the scariest thing you could go as for spooky season. Truly one of our favourite Halloween costumes of 2022; positively bone chilling.

James Kavanagh as Chanel Marge Simpson


Marge Simpson was a truly popular costume this year, but James Kavanagh in classic style decided to go for a specific Marge look; Chanel Marge. And he absolutely nailed it.

Header images via Instagram / James Kavanagh & Twitter / Aisling Bonner


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