This Is How Much It Currently Costs To Rent In Every County In Ireland

Where should we move to?

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Today's quarterly Irish Rental Price Report has largely left Dubliners in a state of doom and gloom with rent on the increase in the capital.

The findings have also given us an insight into how rental prices measure up around the rest of Ireland. Up to September of this year, Dublin unsurprisingly has the highest rates with a gaff in the city centre being available to rent for an average of €1,819 a month. 

The cheapest area to rent in Dublin is the north county with prices at an average of €1,478 while moving outside the capital, Wicklow is the most expensive county at €1,236 with Kildare (€1,193) and Meath (€1,147) just behind. 

The cheapest place to rent in the country is Leitrim (€532), just beating Donegal (€592) and Longford (€595).

The infographics below, courtesy of Daft, show the average price of rent for counties across the Republic as well as how much they've increased since the same period in 2016. 

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