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29th Jul 2021

The importance of preordering the new Aisling book

Fiona Frawley

If there’s a gal among us who hasn’t laughed, cried and cringed her way through the Aisling trilogy, I don’t want to know.

The books bravely explore the depths of the absolute mortification of being Irish while having so much heart at the same time – obviously we’ve all shared a lol at Aisling’s meticulous packing of good white linen trousers for holidays and her aversion to mom jeans (they’re mam jeans, and she won’t hear another word on the subject), but we’ve also shed a tear as she’s endured painfully relatable heartache, and consistently come through as the soundest friend Sadbh, Maj, and all the other BGB girls could ask for. Aisling for president is what I’m saying, hope that’s clear.

If you stan her like I do you’ll be only elated to hear the hotly-anticipated fourth book is now available for preorder, and we’ve also been treated to a glimpse at the cover art and a bit of info with regards to what Aisling’s getting up to next.

In the penultimate book in the series we see Aisling head stateside for a job in New York, sporting her “best wrap dress and heels” on the flight, obviously. When we last left Aisling, business at Bally Go Brunch was booming, Majella had just enjoyed the wedding of her dreams and our protagonists whirlwind romance with ridey James had drawn to a close. As always, her childhood sweetheart and advocate for the piss-catcher shoe John could be seen lurking in the background, but we feel he won’t get a look in once Aisling’s off being wined, dined and all the rest of it by New York’s eligible bachelors. They love Irish girls, we know this from our own J1s.

If you preorder Aisling and the City on the Dubray website you’ll also receive a special New York souvenir, and be comforted in the knowledge that you’ve crossed one job off your list for the day. Aisling would be proud.

Header image via Instagram/Dubray Books 

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