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20th Jan 2023

Throwback to when Leo Varadkar celebrated his birthday with the tiniest cake ever

Katy Thornton

leo varadkar birthday cake

Surely he upgraded to a Colin the Caterpillar this year?

Exactly one year ago Irish socials were alive with discussion and debate about the teeny tiny batterburg cake Leo Varadkar had to celebrate his 43rd birthday.

We get that January is a bit of a tight month, but surely our then Tanáiste could have gotten a more substantial birthday cake than this? Leo Varadkar took to Instagram to share a personal photo on his birthday with partner Matthew Barrett, whose birthday follows the day after. The photo is a sweet snapshot of the pair celebrating, although people couldn’t help but focus on one thing in particular. The size of the cake.

It caused quite the stir, so much so that when you typed Leo Varadkar’s name into Google, one of the top suggestions was “Leo Varadkar birthday cake”. This tweet in particular had us roaring.

Look, whatever floats your boat. We’re sure that after a busy day for the pair, they picked up the first cake available, in this case a little Battenberg, and had a lovely evening regardless. Let the man have his cake and eat it too.

It’s just… it is a very small cake.

We’re waiting anxiously to see an update on what birhday cake he got for the 2023 celebrations; although based on his previous experience with showing food choices, Leo may have decided against sharing this year.

Header image via Instagram/leovaradkar

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