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18th Mar 2021

Website allows you to recreate the atmosphere of a busy pub in your home

James Fenton

Another Paddy’s Day in lockdown has been and gone and more than any other day in the calendar, a trip to the pub was missed.

It’s a long-held tradition to clink glasses and raise a drink on March 17 and we’re all hoping that we’ll be able to do so in 2022. In the meantime, you can avail of a website that allows you to recreate the atmosphere of a busy pub however you see fit.

Created by digital agency Cogs & Marvel, provides a number of traditional pub noises and users are able to choose how much they want to hear of each one. So if you’re a fan of trad music, you can put the volume up to full blast or if you’re the type to watch a match on the pub telly, you can recreate that atmosphere too. You can also listen to the crackle of a pub fireplace and the rain on the windows, mimicking those cosy winter evenings down the local.

Other sounds include ‘old man’, ‘the chat’ and ‘barwork’ and it’s a great way to generate the pub atmosphere with those in your household or on the Zoom call this weekend. It should be noted that it works best on a desktop or laptop.

It’s a great bit of fun to play around with and you can do so via this link. We’ll drink to that!

(header pic: Shutterstock)

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