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08th Jun 2017

11 Moments From Euro 2016 Which Endeared The Irish Fans To The World


One of the main stories of Euro 2016 in France was the Irish fans. 

They were drinking, singing, dancing, serenading nuns, cleaning up after themselves and generally making themselves loved everywhere they went. 

One year on, we thought it was time to enjoy some of the very best moments from our supporters once more. 


1. When they gave a ‘world-class’ reception to bin collectors returning from strike in Paris

2. When they put a new twist on a song to compliment the Swedish fans

3. Or when they danced with the Swedes to see the teams off

4. When they decided to hoist a Hungarian reporter onto their shoulders live on air

5. Treating a nun to their version of The Lord’s Prayer

6. Helping an elderly couple to change a flat tyre

7. When they cranked out a Westlife classic 

8. Helping this builder get his work done 

9. The ABBA singalong with the Swedes 

10. That one brave leprechaun who sat among the enemy 

11. Let’s just face it, the Irish are the best fans in the world

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