12 up-and-coming Irish TikTokers you need to get following

By Emily Mullen

September 22, 2023 at 1:15pm


Cleanse your timeline and get following folks

It's never been a better time to become a content creator, the rise of TikTok has given aspiring creators an incredible social media channel to platform themselves. TikTok thrives on trends, and thus allows even the smallest of creators to use a viral sound or jump on a trend and blow up. Where once an appearance on legacy media would be the only way to amplify yourself, now all you need is a phone, a 15-second video and a hook. While a lot of noise has been created on the app, there have been some truly incredible creators that have grown, flourished and built careers on there. We've 'saved' some of our favourites and recommend you start following them too:

12. Grainne Binns (grainnebinns)

Grainne Binns wears many (brightly coloured) hats; small business owner, fashion designer, sea swimmer, rollerskater, sustainable queen and all-around gas bitch. Her colourful aesthetic, sustainability tips and general gra for life are pretty contagious.

11. John Carroll (johncarroll1987)

We've a bit of a soft spot for John Carroll, whose ironic awkward humour warms the cockles of our hearts. Carroll wouldn't be as prolific as some other TikTokers but whatever he posts is generally bang on the money.

10. Bria King (briakingbad)


Bria must have a social mood thermometer stored somewhere in her gaff as she is incredibly adept at feeling and capturing the mood of the country. Her quippy impersonations and commentary about the relentless gnaw of social media are second to none.

9. Katrina Carroll (vintageirishkat1981)

Owner of the second-hand shop pre-loved by Shay and Jo, Katrina has a wardrobe you'd be green even turning the handle of. She's a sustainable fashion queen, who shares plenty of great styling tips and tricks for anyone looking to dip their toes in. She's a great personality, and has some incredibly engaging VOs and (naturally) has a great eye for a shot.


8. Sonaí (sonai_cliste)

For any city slickers like ourselves, watching Sonaí's content has a bit of a 'touch grass' appeal. The couple creates some exceptionally soothing videos as gaeilge covering some exceptionally Irish sights, complete with a scrappy terrier, turf fires, stone walls and currachs. It's a great account to pick up some cúpla focal in an approachable and relaxed manner.


7. Lucinda Graham (_ecopunk_)

Sustainable designer and stylist Lucinda is exceptionally cool and exceptionally gas. She's a great follow if you've gotten bored with your fits and want some inspiration for how to spice your lewks up a little.

6. Reece Creed (reecejcreed)

Reece is the type of person you wish you could have been friends with in school, we just know he would be fiercely loyal and deliciously pointed. His fashion run-downs after every award, festival and big event are nothing short of TV-worthy. Part of Reece's appeal is that he pulls no punches when it comes to his opinions, he's brutally honest and side-splittingly funny.

5. Protein Bor Papi (jamesdoylefitness)


Don't let the handle put you off, Protein Bor Papi posts anything but boring gym content. With a finger truly on the pulse, James routinely puts out some of the most engaging and hilarious content around. He tackles sometimes mundane and overdone experiences and trends in a refreshing and distinct manner. He's also unapologetically himself which as a viewer is a joy to watch.

4. Jack Swift (jackswift597)

How to describe Jack Swift? It's a tough one, he's the purest soul in the whole of Ireland and needs to be protected at all costs. We genuinely live for his OOTN (outfits of the night) complete with towering heels from "Penneys hun" and then the ensuing hangover videos where he has one eyelash still on. His raw honesty and his gra for life are palpable through every video and we are delighted to say that we are card-carrying members of the Swifties contingent x.

3. Barney Please (barneyplease)

Only in 2023 could a channel dedicated to a turf-hungry dog called Eugene, food unfurling and a cat called Eamonn who despises eye contact work, but we are grateful it does. There's something pure about Barneyplease's videos, you just know that they are recorded by your Da's best friend who is a gentleman and a also a pithy scholar. Watching them is nothing short of a joy, please. May we recommend a handle change for this one? Justice for Eugene please.



2. Sound Quality Gifts (helen.drumm)

Sound Quality Gifts has mastered the art of digital marketing on TikTok. The team have succeeded in turning their shop into a destination, which sees hen nights, content creators and everyone in between flocking to the place. It's tough not to love Helen's slightly unhinged videos and product plugging.

1 Garron Noonan (garron_music)

At this stage, it might be a bit amiss of us to call Garron "up and coming" because let's face it he's already on the up. His dulcet Mayo tones have been taking on reviews of everything from foods to Irish towns. He's also an incredibly talent singer. We can easily see him heading the same trajectory as the likes of Michael Fry, Killian Sundermann and Justine Stafford.

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