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12 Fantastically Shit Valentine’s Day Gifts You Can Buy

By katedemolder

December 20, 2016 at 12:18am


Valentine's Day has the potential to bring out the good, bad and the absolutely ridiculous in us all – in positive and negative ways, mind you.

Furthermore, the pre-Valentine's Day panic instills a fear so intense into men, women and children that we end up panic buying the most outrageous of items.

Plan ahead this year and get them something they'd truly adore, like the following 12...

1. Erotic slippers

Nothing says I fancy you like fuzzy genital accessories for your feet.

20145 Mimi Vs Penis Couple Font B Slippers B Font Indoor Floor Shoes For Font B

Photo cred:

2. An asymmetric man thong

Note: the only way this present can be saved is if you buy them a holiday to go on with said thong.

Bq Vl Xxe Cyaar S7L

Photo cred:

3. A personalised magazine cover

Set yourselves in perma-glossy territory.

B0D2E6766395Cde05A90Cd8450D6F1A6 W640

Photo cred:

Original Personalised Birthday Magazine Cover Print Male

Photo cred:

4. A sexy mug

Put it all out there on a mug handle.

Original Alphabet Mug Sexy

Photo cred:

5. Ask me about my zombie disguise t-shirt

Has your other half been working out? Show them you've noticed with this feast for the senses.

Screen Shot 2016 02 05 At 11 35 40

Photo cred:

6. Mullet on the go

Does your other half miss the '80s? Do they wish to be a free spirit at the weekend but also a baller on weekdays? Then this is the gift for you.

Mullet on the go is a one stop party for your head, and for all of those around you. 


Photo cred:

7. A 2-carat cup

Are they looking to settle down, but you're just not that sure? Hold them off for another little while with a wedding ring cup. That's sure to make them love you more.

Pk 2Caratup

Photo cred:

8. Horse face wedding cake toppers

Is Valentine's Day your anniversary? Perfect!

Time to get weird.

Screen Shot 2016 02 05 At 11 55 42

Photo cred:

7. Wilson Volleyball from 'Castaway'

Is your mate forever alone? Change them by hooking them up with their very own Wilson from Castaway!

Disclaimer: expect either slaps or sobbing.

Www Wilson

Photo cred:

8. This Prince greeting card

Because if you're too shy to tell someone how you feel, Prince is always there to do it for you.

Screen Shot 2016 02 05 At 12 09 34

Photo cred:

9. A Kama Sutra biscuit Ccutter

Yes, these exist.


Photo cred:

10. Crocheted underwear

Ill-fitting, ill-feeling and generally all just a bit much.

And, think it's all just for girls? Think again...


Photo cred:

Il Fullxfull 816323358 Pnk8

Photo cred:

11. This necklace on which there are dinosaurs having sex

Aptly named 'Lucky Bones'. 


Dino Boning Necklace 1

Photo cred:

12. And finally, these heart mittens

How have you gone on so long without them?

Screen Shot 2016 02 05 At 12 24 25

Photo cred:

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