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17th Feb 2017

15 Things Every Irish Home Has That No One Uses


It seems that Irish people have a gene that has turned us into hoarders.

No, really?

We have a tendency to keep old items that no one really needs and have to take up an inordinate amount of space storing, like…

1. A drawer where all the used batteries are stored

Probably the same one that has instruction manuals from appliances that have since bit the dust.

Used Batteries

2. A cupboard where all the gift bags are shoved

Just be sure not to regift them to the same person who gave it to you.

3. A cupboard where all the plastic bags are shoved

“I paid 13c for this!”

Plastic Bags

4. Drawers with random shit stuffed in them so that they have been rendered un-usable

Some homes have entire chest of drawers that have been written off.

5. ‘The good china’ which has never been used

Same goes for the good towels.

China Plates

6. A biscuit tin that does not actually contain biscuits

Always such a let down.

7. Shelves of old CDs, tapes and videos

What if we need to watch the videos in the future? And we spent a lot of money on those CDs.


8. Bottles of random alcohol that were probably opened a decade ago

Always peach schnapps.

9. Old coins

They just seem to multiply and appear on every surface.

Old Coins

10. Chargers from old phones

The Nokia 3310 is coming back though, so maybe this was smart.

11. Old school books

What if Mary’s sister’s daughter’s niece needs them?

School Books

12. The Millennium Candle

They didn’t burn well.

13. Old trophies and medals

But coming third in a school chess competition in which four people competed is an achievement

Chess Medal

14. Ketchup packets, salt packets and sugar packets from restaurants

Just in case you run out.

15. And finally, toiletries from hotels

Even though we never use those tiny sewing kits.

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