16 Photos That Prove How Beautiful County Tipperary Really Is

Up Tipp!

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For those of you unfamiliar with Tipperary, the Premier County is so much more than mountains, hurling and two separate car registrations

Which we don't get either, don't worry.

So we've decided to shine the spotlight on the heavenly haven of Munster that is Tipp.

We're sure that you'll be packing your bags for a quick staycation within minutes of reading it.

1. Because this is what their 'ruins' look like...

Yeah, that's what our houses look like too... 

2. And this is what all the other gaffs look like...

Seriously, how does anyone get anything done?

3. These are the views you get out of your back window

No big deal, just casual postcard vibes.

4. Everywhere is photogenic

The camera loves 'em.

5. Everywhere looks like a low-key fairytale 

And we mean everywhere. This is the side of the road.

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6. Sunsets look like they're gonna last forever

We ain't complainin'.

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7. Even the cloudiest of days are absolutely heavenly

I mean, COME ON!

8. And sometimes it sort of looks like The Lion King

Rumour has it, the Disney writers spent the weekend before writing the script in Cashel... 

Can't say we're surprised.

9. The neighbourhood is sound

10. This is your local

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11. This is what your constant view is

Even Justin Bieber's a fan...

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12. It looks just as good from the top

The Tipp top, that is.

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13. Talk about the pinnacle of country towns 

Dreamy, dreamy, dreamy.

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14. Faraway skies are pinker...

And sooo beautiful.

Shutterstock 365886530

15. Waters are crystal clear

And brighter than our futures.

Shutterstock 142021012

16. And videos don't even do it justice...

But this one does pretty well.

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