17 Photos That Prove How Beautiful County Meath Really Is

They don't call it The Royal County for nothing...

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Meath, Meath, Meath.

Did you know that The Royal County used to be a whole province in itself? 

Didn't think so. And once you take a gander at a few of these snapshots, you'll realise why. 

1. Everything is insanely picturesque

Even ponds, which usually have pond scum building on them.


2. It boasts world wonders

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, Dublin.


3. Castles for daaaaays

Royals be royalin'.

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4. And even grey skies don't ruin the beauty

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5. It has its very own Gaeltacht region

Beautiful AND cultural. We likey.

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6. And even when lightning strikes, it looks heavenly

Pink to make the boys wink.

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7. There's something to look at everywhere you turn

Each one more steeped in history than the last.

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8. And nighttime can sometimes even look more pleasant than the day

That's one Summer Solstice for one Summer Solstice.

9. A casual scene looks like a storybook picture

Idyllic is how idyllic does.

10. Flooded fields look like inviting watery pools of dreams

Too far? Nah.

11. Locals are cool

Well, some are cows. You know the way.

12. The world's your oyster

Be it white, pink or otherwise.

13. And sunsets are something else

Sunny side down is best.

14. Even rain doesn't dampen spirits

Everyone needs a good soak every so often.

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15. Schools look like this

Primary schools, no less.

16. Hills look like that

You know, run-of-the-mill.

17. And festivals there are some of the best in all the world*...

*Completely objective statement. They really are. 

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