19 Petty Things That Irish People Refuse To Let Go

By clodagh

June 22, 2017 at 3:44pm


Do you ever have something that you just can't let go of? Something so small, so petty that other people think you're mad to still be harping on about it.

Well, the Irish people have several. 

We have opinions, and we don't tend to change them. You should never wrong an Irish person, because we sure know how to hold a grudge. 

We're not petty or stubborn... we're just strong willed. 

1. Thierry Henry's 2009 handball

I'm not even a sports person and I still feel the sting of that fateful moment. We will never forget, and we will never forgive.

2. Bad Irish accents in films

Dodgy Irish accents like Tom Cruise in Far and Away and Gerard Butler in P.S I Love You are the reason half the world think that we speak like leprechauns. Rude. 

3. Louis Walsh is a knob

Yet for some reason, he seems to keep cropping up back onto our screens. For the love of God, leave him be. 

4. The spelling of Palmerstown

It's Palmerstown, not Palmerston. Get it right. 

5. Superquinn sausages are far superior

We will go to war to defend their honour. 

6. Top o' the morning to ya

... said no one ever. No one in their right mind has ever said "top of the morning to ya!".

7. The correct pronunciation of Patrick's Day

It's Paddy's Day. Not Patty's Day. Please, educate the world around you. 

8. Our weather isn't that bad

Yeah okay, it rains a little. Okay, a fair bit. But only we can say that.

9. The Leaving Cert English Paper 2009

If you sat it that year, you'll remember this well. The paper was opened accidentally, which meant that it was rescheduled to a Saturday. Shudders.

10. The end of Oxegen

RIP, one of Ireland's greatest music festivals. You were gone too soon. 

11. Ed Sheeran's Galway Girl

So. Many. Inaccuracies. 

12. Pat Kenny ripping up the Late Late Toy Show tickets

A crime against nature. They could have gone to a good home, Pat. Shame on you.

13. Barry or Lyons are the only options

Anything other than that isn't real tea, and yes that includes green tea. 

14. Distant Irish relatives do not make you Irish

Unless you're Obama, then welcome to our crib. 

15. The 3arena will always be The Point

It's not the 3arena, and it was never the O2. It's the Point, plain and simple.

16. The man slipping on the ice on RTÉ

Never forget him. #JusticeForIceMan

17. The price of Freddo bars

It's an absolute outrage at the moment. An outrage. 

18. Gay Byrne is the only man for The Late Late Show

The original, and the best. 

19. Nadine Coyle and her infamous passport

The moment is etched into our minds, forever. 

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