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21 Insane Sports We'd Love To See At The Olympics

By katedemolder

December 20, 2016 at 12:18am


Think you could be an Olympian, but just not exactly sure where your niche is?

Yep, THAT's the only thing stopping us. 

But we've done a little thinking and we're confident that we've found JUST the thing for you. It has to be one of these.

1. Extreme Complaining

Know anybody who'd take home the gold for this one?

200 13

2. Olympic Gorging

Eating all around you forever and ever until you pass out and/or die. That's it.

200 14

3. Marathon Snoozin'

Sounds like a standard Saturday morning, amirite??


4. Equestrian Frolicking

Or in layman's terms: Pony Playing.

Still incorporating horses, but... funner.

200 1

5. Rhythmic Groovin'

An event, open to both genders, in which groovers perform with props of their choice, with the aim of the game being to groove the hardest to any number of Shania Twain songs.

200 2

5. Sychronised Tayto Eating

Blink and you'll miss it.

6. Extreme Remote Control Hiding

Brothers fighting brothers. The only rules are that there are no rules.

It can go on for days!

200 3

7. Modern Day Pentathalon

  • Event 1: Rhythmic Will-It-Blend (using blendables of your choice)
  • Event 2: Charlie The Unicorn Impression
  • Event 3: Egg & Spoon
  • Event 4: Ultimate Sack Race
  • Event 5: Cinnamon Challenge

8. Martial Apartment Hunting

They most cutthroat of them all.

200 2

9. Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge

To keep it current, you know.

200 3

10. Child Star Impersonations

Bonus points for any Mickey Mouse Clubber. 


11. Synchronised Lilo Experimentation

For those of you who sort of like swimming, but who really love lying down.

200 4

12. The 'Daft Hands' thing that ruled 2007

13. Longest possible time for someone to say 'Leeeeroooy Jenkins'

Requiring pitch, tone and stamina.

200 5

14. Olympic #BreakingTheInternet

Contestants compete their hardest to come up with something so outrageous, wild and funny that it will, indeed, break the internet.

Hilarity ensues.

200 7

15. Headdis

Or, in layman's terms, table tennis except using your head as the bat. Oh so wrong, yet so so right.

200 8

16. Extreme Couponing

May as well teach us a thing or two while we're at it.

200 9

17. Trolley Dash

We're not just talking about supermarkets.

Think dual carriageways, motorways and even beaches. Hardcore.

200 10

18. Rounders


And in case you'd forgotten how...

19. Fireball

Personalised oven mitts handed out on arrival.

200 11

20. Ultimate Tip The Can

With yet another handy and informative video.

21. And finally, Extreme Curbs

Played with a bouncy ball, on a wet day, with sharp and angular curbs.

May the odds be ever in your favour.

200 12

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