27 Photos That Prove The West Of Ireland Is The Most Beautiful Place On Planet Earth

By niallharbison

May 15, 2019 at 10:25am



The whole island of Ireland is a magical place but many people come specifically to see the West of the island. And with very good reason too.

From Kerry to Donegal – the coastline is one of the most stunning in the world and when you throw in cities like Galway and the beautiful Aran Islands dotted along the coast, you have a little bit of something for everybody.

We think you'll agree that these 27 photos prove this is one of the most beautiful parts of this planet...

1. People have been enjoying the wonder of the world for centuries

2. The buildings are a little bit special in this part of the world

3. The beaches are absolutely out of this world

4. The traffic jams in the West


5. You'll never get bored driving on the roads around here

6. You'll have plenty of space to call your own

7. Seriously where else would you get a view like this?

8. You'll never be short of amazing seafood being surrounded by an entire ocean

9. The houses look like something out of a fairytale

10. Inland, things get even more stunning

11. You could live in a tiny castle with a view like this


12. With some pretty special sunsets

13. Don't even get us started on the lakes

14. And Galway city has some of the best craic in the entire world

15. There are hundreds of wonderfully unique villages

16. You'll be able to find an entire beach to call your own

17. And you'll find some of the biggest cleanest waves in the world all along the coast


18. The Wild Atlantic Way is fast becoming the best drive in the world

19. All of the colours

20. They even chose to film Star Wars here

21. You don't need a man-built swimming pool because there are hundreds of natural ones to be found

22. You really won't be short of things to see around here

23. Even the animals out here are majestic

24. You can gaze at abbeys that look like something out of a fairytale


25. You're literally on the edge of the world

26. It's seriously magical

27. Make it your business to come and visit this incredible part of the world

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