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5 Netflix Series That Are Perfect For Your Sunday Night Binge

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As the evening slowly but surely begins to come to an end, that weekly debate of what to watch for the remaining hours of Sunday flares back up. 

So we’ve decided to make your lives just a tiny bit easier by rounding up three of our favourite series for you to bing watch for the rest of the day. 

You’re welcome x

1. Gilmore Girls

I wanted to hate it. But now I am full-on addicted and my life will never be the same. 

Just give it a go. 

2. Dexter

Dexter is dark, mysterious and intriguing. If you love a good serial killer then you’ll like this one!

3. The OA

If you’re really dedicated you could probably get this finished before work starts in the morning. 

Whether you enjoy sci-fi or not – this is incredibly easy and addictive watching. 

4. The Good Wife

By the time you finish this one you’ll essentially be a fully-trained lawyer. 

So technically you’re not even binging, you’re actually learning. 


5. Glitch

Five people rise from the dead in this Australian show. 

Try not to flinch at the shite Irish accents. 

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