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20th Dec 2016

6 Gorgeous Airbnb Spots In LA That You Can Get For Less Than €60 A Night


Whether you love it or loathe it, the city of Los Angeles has undoubtedly sparked your interest at one time or another. 

Full of the beautiful people, incredible waves and sights that need to be seen to be believed – LA has so much going for it. And we think it should be explored.

Check out some of these killer bargains below, and live like the glam being you truly are. 

1. South LA – €45

This house is a large Craftsman home, built in 1909. The guest bedroom accommodates one or two, and faces the big back garden. The house is very centrally located, close to downtown LA and USC.

There is ample free street parking and the house is close to so many must-visit spots – such as the California Science Centre, Natural History Museum, African American Museum, LA Coliseum, Staples Centre and LA Sports Arena. 

And as for getting around; multiple bus stops are very close by, the exposition metro line is down the road, and Uber is super cheap. 

Screen Shot 2016 06 14 At 11 58 14
Screen Shot 2016 06 14 At 11 58 29

2. Fontana, LA – €51

Looking for somewhere roomy? Look no further. 

This huge master bedroom could be yours for €51 a night. Situated in the lovely neighbourhood of Fontana, you’ll be super close to two of the biggest shopping outlets in the L.A. area: Ontario Mills and Cabazon. 

You’ll also be somewhat close to quite a few Indian casinos that are out in the Palm Springs area. If you’re into that kind of thing.

Screen Shot 2016 06 14 At 12 14 30

3. Pomona, LA – €33

This is a three-bedroom home in a gated neighbourhood, safe with remote required access. The rooms available are big and filled with space, and accommodate six. In here, you’ll find a large work desk with a quiet private place – perfect for the travelling professional or student.

Free parking is available and plentiful and shared amenities include a kitchen with microwave and stove, hairdryer, washer dryer and iron. 

Screen Shot 2016 06 14 At 12 30 52
Screen Shot 2016 06 14 At 12 31 02

4. Long Beach, LA – €45

This enormous and bright room is a perfect retreat for travellers. This place accommodates two, and has all the amenities you could possibly need while travelling.

Mere minutes from the beach, you can enjoy fresh ocean breeze through your window and a private en-suite bathroom. The host, who seems lovely, also has her own guidebook with tips and tricks about the area. 

Screen Shot 2016 06 14 At 12 36 38
Screen Shot 2016 06 14 At 12 36 55

5. Whittier, LA, – €33

The room is in a beautiful house, nestled in the hills with an incredible view of the city. Located in a prime location, close to everything – from the beach to downtown LA. 

Perfect for those of you who enjoy hiking and exploring in general. The owners of the house are friendly and willing to give you hints and tips on the surrounding area, and what’s especially cool about this place is the view of the street lights at night. Sensational. 

Screen Shot 2016 06 14 At 12 44 49
Screen Shot 2016 06 14 At 12 45 10

6. Torrance, LA – €50 

This full-size bedroom boasts TV and internet access, a spacious wardrobe and proximity to nearby shops, downtown area and most importantly – the beach.

The house itself has a real family feel about it, while the neighbourhood is clean, quiet and relaxing – and it’s well serviced by public transport, meaning you can go pretty much anywhere in LA from this beautiful little base.

Screen Shot 2016 06 14 At 12 53 11
Screen Shot 2016 06 14 At 12 53 19

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