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20th Dec 2016

7 Reasons Why You Need To Escape To Ballygarry House


It’s Monday morning. You need a pick-me-up; something to dream about, if perhaps not to act upon.

This week, we’re casting our spotlight on the gorgeous Ballygarry House and Spa in Tralee. Find out why if this was a hotel, if would be our best friend.

1. Because it’s luxurious without being pretentious 

Ballygarry House and Spa boasts a 4* rating, and has been owned by the MacGillicuddy family for the past three generations – meaning that you get all of the frills of a high end hotel, with the personal tough of a family background. 

A perfect match? We think so. 

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2. Because the food is silly good

SILLY good. 

Ballygarry caters for everything from Afternoon Tea to Summer BBQs, through to their elegant restaurant menus. 

And since they’re so close to the expanses of the Atlantic Ocean, they also offer fresh catches of the day daily. 

Need we go on?

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3. They’re great with kids

Understatement – they’re fantastic with kids.

Ballygarry has a glowing reputation for putting on shows and dances for the little ones, including their famous annual Easter egg hunts. They really go all out, even providing congratulatory certificates for those celebrating special days with them.

And for those of you without children? The kids are so occupied by the incredible staff and all of their endeavours, that the chances of you being sat beside screamers in the restaurant are slim to none.

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4. A complimentary full Irish breakfast is provided with your stay

We’ll say no more.

5. The staff are a dream

Coming from a family background, the staff of here know just how to make you feel welcome, at home and part of the furniture. 

They revel in their warm atmosphere and are willing to do absolutely everything they can for you. You know it’s a good sign when the staff have been there for years, and these guys have been there since the very beginning.

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6. It’s practically built for relaxing

Ballygarry owns its own gorgeous spa, meaning you can head down to The Kingdom and be pampered to your heart’s content. But other than that, it also boasts a Chill Out Room (!) in which you can, well, em, chill out.

So, yes, to answer your question, it is like being in Junior Infants again. Except with champagne and spa facilities.

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7. Late check out is offered and encouraged

Our sleepy, slothy dreams have been answered!

Upon booking at Ballygarry, you have the option to choose a later check out time than the standard 12pm, meaning you can nestle into those beds all the live long day. 

If Ballygarry was a person, we feel like they’d be our best friend. They just seem to get us. 

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