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22nd Dec 2016

13 Christmas Presents To Get Your Dad If You’re Stuck For Ideas


When it comes to Christmas shopping, there’s one present that leaves us all stumped. Dad’s.

Every year, you ask him what he’d like. Every year, he says something like ‘I don’t mind’, which is not helpful at all.

Worry not folks, we’re here to give you a hand.

This list is for people who have no clue what they’re going to get their Dad. 

If you have an idea for an amazing gift you’re going to get yours, then this list isn’t for you but please tell us what it is in the comments below so we can steal it.

Here goes…


Dads drink a lot of tea, coffee and other hot drinks. This way, he can have his own personal mug. And you can choose between his favourite movie or something motivational like ‘World’s Best Dad’. which he obviously is.

Dad Mug

Nice pen

When Dad takes this out to sign things and a person says “That’s a nice pen, where did you get it?”, he can say “from my kid”. The dream.

Dad Pen


It’s a rare occasion when someone isn’t happy with an alcoholic gift and Dad would surely be delighted with a craft beer selection, nice bottle of wine or nice bottle of whiskey.

Dad Whiskey

Chromecast/Apple TV

Dad loves his gadgets and this one will be LIFECHANGING. Goodbye Fair City, hello Netflix.

Dad Chromecast

Newspaper/magazine subscription

This is a bit of a no-brainer. You’ll always find Dad reading in his chair on a Sunday morning so why not make sure he’s stocked up for the year?

Dad Newspaper


You can be pretty sure Dad never buys his own pyjamas. He’s probably still wearing the ones that Mum bought him for Christmas a few years ago, or a random t-shirt. It’d be nice for him to have a new pair.

Dad Pjs


It’s the most boring present ever and he probably has plenty already, but sure one more can’t hurt.

Dad Tie


If your Dad is anything like ours, he spends half his time trundling around the yard working on his ‘projects’. Give him a fancy scarf he wants to wear and he’ll be snug once the winter chill hits.

Dad Scarf

Cufflinks/bow tie/pocket square

He’ll be looking slick down the local come New Year’s Eve!



There are plenty of drawers/baskets/places to store things in the bathroom but Dad generally insists on keeping his few toiletries altogether. He’d probably be happy with a plastic bag but treat him to something a bit more durable.

Dad Washbag


Simple, practical and he’ll have it for years.

Dad Wallet


If you opt for this, you’re either earning a lot of dosh, or you really owe the aul fella.

Dad Watch

Framed photo

Because at the end of the day, he’s a softy at heart.

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