Here Are The 11 Most Irish Things That Happened This Week

Including Nathan Carter, Mattress Mick and some truly quality slogans

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When you take a step back and fully realise, you start to cop on that Ireland in general, and Irish humour in particular, are truly the gifts that keep on giving. 

Don't believe us? Well then, tuck into one of the incredibly Irish hum-dingers below. 

We guarantee you'll guffaw or else your money back.*

*(lol, obviously not really)

1. This warning that crossing animals need to phone in advance

It's only polite. 

2. Everything about this Nathan Carter performance the Willie Daly Match-making festival, in Lisdoonvarna.

3. And this newspaper cutting reporting on the event

4. This quality welding company's slogan

More information here

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5. This fantastic headline

Isn't that just the best?

Limerick Mother

6. This Belfast Café's take on American politics

A post shared by Fiona Kingston (@fionak3) on

7. This tweet from An Garda Síochána

8. The presidential photo of Mattress Mick

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9. This extremely dodgy Dublin headline

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10. This ideal Irish granny car set up

Doilies on doilies on doilies. 

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11. And finally, this mental video from a Cork car dealership

Hey, someone's gotta do it... Right?

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