Here's Our Pick Of The 13 Funniest Irish Tweets From The Last Week

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For every vote-hungry politician and D-list celebrity who spends their days on Twitter trying to give the people what they want, there are 32 relatively unknown Irish humourists doing just that with an admirable sense of ease. 

Here are 13 of our favourites from the last seven days.

1. Preaching the gospel truth with @WildState

2. History repeating itself with @ElizabethAF

3. Feelings with @sebmcateer

4. Twilight zoning with @IncrediblyRich

5. Tunes on tunes on tunes with @LaGalaxie

6. Fitness with @meganmcassidy

7. Work will set you free with @uughhhhhh

8. The struggle is real with @Mac_Lanky

9. Real talk with @AisLough

10. Moving up in the world with @clommy

11. The fragility of youth with @chief_kaoife

12. Tread softly, for you tread absolutely nowhere with @DaveyReilly

13. And finally, The people's republic with @halbermice

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