Now's Your Chance To Spend Hallowe'en Night In Dracula's Castle

The infamous residence is now available on Airbnb

Castelul Bran

Dracula's castle will, for the first time since 1948, allow overnight guests on Hallowe'en night, marking the first time in over 60 years that anyone has slept in the Transylvanian fortress.

The site is actually called Bran Castle, and thanks to a promotion by Airbnb, two lucky (or unlucky, however you want to call it) people will be able to sleep there on October 31.

Castelul Bran

The guests will be wined, dined, then 'set to rest' in red velvet-trimmed coffins just as Dracula did in the Bram Stoker horror novel.


But don't worry, for the easily-spooked, there are beds available too. 

The Airbnb competition to find guests for the night was launched on Monday. Entrants were asked to use their “vampiric wit” to imagine what they would say to Count Dracula, should they meet him.

Winners will be flown to Romania and then taken to the castle set dramatically in the Carpathian Mountains.

Hosting the one-off Airbnb event is a descendant of Bram Stoker, Dacre Stoker.

I want to make it both realistic and show the legend in the wonderful country that birthed the whole thing. 

Sounds pretty legit. 

Looking for something different this Hallowe'en? Then this sounds like just the ticket.

Just don't forget the garlic!

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