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28th Dec 2016

PICS: The Irish Farmer Calendar For 2017 Is Finally Here


I think we can all agree that it’s been a particularly long Winter…

Mostly ’cause of our position on the globe meaning that darkness rules this time of year, but secondly because we’ve gone on so long without a sexy farmer’s calendar!

I mean, who can deprive themselves of shots like these for the start of every month?

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14725495 1461049597243354 8777391456511510924 N

Not us, anyway!

For the low, low price of €10.99 – you too can bask in the reflected glory of some of Ireland’s most rugged hunks (and pray that they boast road frontage).

The unrivalled success of this set of posters has deemed them the #1 best seller calendar in Ireland for the second year in a row. And really, are you surprised?

But, do you know what’s really fantastic about this enterprise?

That the proceeds of the Irish Farmer Calendar go towards its nominated charity Bóthar – which has been sending livestock to the developing world since 1991.

So apart from being fun, entertaining and full of big rides – this set-up is actually providing some good in the world, too. 

G’wan hunky charities! You’ve certainly gotten our vote. 

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