The 12 Absolute Worst Irish Accents In Movies Ever

By katedemolder

June 2, 2017 at 4:16pm


Ah, the Irish brogue. 

She's a fickle mistress at the best of times, and a bloody obstacle at others. Everyone who's worth their weight in salt has tried to master it, but most have failed. 

However, in fairness to them - it makes for some pretty great watching. And we can't take that away from them.

What we can do however, is slag them mercilessly...

1. Gerard Butler - PS I Love You

He's Scottish, how could he get it so wrong?!

It was so widely discussed that he even went and apologised to the general Irish public on his behalf.


2. Cameron Diaz - Gangs of New York

In fairness, we're not really sure what's worse here - the rubbish accent, or the dreadful wig. 

Go to 1:23 to really get stuck into the good stuff. 

3. Joe Viterelli - Shallow Hal

Or Rosemary's dad, for anyone who's seen it. 

It's potentially the most leprachaun-y of the bunch. Check out 40:50 to see what we mean. 

4. Julia Roberts - Michael Collins


Ah, God bless Julia. She tried. But the Irish brogue has broken even veteran thespians, and the Georgian Actress never stood a chance. 

5. Sean Connery - The Untouchables

Remember what we said about Joe Viterelli being the most leprachaun-y of the bunch? 

We take it all back. 

6. Tom Cruise - Far And Away



7. Nicole Kidman - Far And Away 

See above.

8. Kevin Spacey - Ordinary Decent Criminal

Was he even trying?

9. Brad Pitt - A Devil's Own

We're in bits. How did he get away with that?!

10. Matthew Goode - Leap Year


An Irish accent is hard for the best of them, but it uses completely different sounds to that of the English persuasion - so poor Mr. Goode had one of the toughest gigs of the lot.

But we'll let him off cause he's a total ride. 

11. Russell Crowe - A Winter's Tale

Good lord. This should be torched. 

12. Kate Hudson - About Adam

Along with being strung along by a boy with her two sisters, Kate Hudson also experiences having to go through a whole movie with THAT ACCENT. 

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