The 12 Best Irish Tweets This Week

To tweet is human, to be gas – divine.

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Fortune favours the gas, and this is wildly evident from the carry on of the best and brightest tweeters Ireland has to offer.

This week has been particularly politics heavy, given the leaders' debate, but even still, the atypicalness of the rest of our great nation has not gone unnoticed. 

Here are this week's 12 best tweets from our humble Twitter royal family.

We are not worthy.

1. This accurate portrayal by @dgahk

2. Irish College nostalgia with @SteLFC91

3. Fashion tips with @incogellen

4. Zoology with @pallidamors

5. Modern culture with @colmtobin

6. Adulthood with @InfiniteJess

7. Real talk with @HollyShortall

8. Comfort with @foreveralowen

Apt name.

9. Dad jokes with @fuchsiamacaree

10. The spoken word with @ciannugent

11. What we want to hear with @CarolineForan

12. And, keeping it real with @alan_maguire

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