These Utterly Ridiculous Words Were Added To The Dictionary Today

"YOLO", said the man as he finalised the list of the new words to enter the Oxford English dictionary

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The Oxford English Dictionary have just added a thousand wonderful and wacky new words to their dictionary. 

In more recent times the most famous of new lingo have been household phrases such as 'twerking', 'selfie' and 'duck face'. 

We've been scouring today's list and have scooped out the most ridiculous of the new words.


1. Oompa Loompa

Not sure if this was in homage to the late great Gene Wilder who played Wonka in the film, but the all-singing all-dancing orange men are now an official word in the Oxford English dictionary.


We all know this one stands for 'you only live once', as Drake recited poetically in his hit tune, 'The Motto'.

It's pretty obvious that the person who made the final decision on these words was certainly thinking YOLO at the time!

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3. Fuhgeddaboudit


4. Yogalates

This is of course a cross between yoga and pilates, namely the breathing techniques of yoga mixed with the positions of yoga.

Eat, pray, love, people.

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5. Skronky

An adjective which is used to describe grating or irritating music.

What some might use to refer to the UK's Eurovision entry each year perhaps?

6. Squee

A high pitched squeal of delight.

Reserved for when the YOLO moments go to plan.

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7. Scrumdiddlyumptious

As as child, I always believed this word to a be a part of the dictionary but in fact it is only official as of today!

Basically something that's absolutely delicious.

Other notable entries include moobs, gender fluid, chefdom and cheeseball!

My vocabulary is having a field day!

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