Need Some Shut-Eye During The Day? Then This Dreamy Pop-Up 'Nap Bar' Is For You

Erryday I'm napping

Smarin Naps2

Ever had one of those days where you would have given anything for a cosy place to rest your head, and doze off for a bit?

If you're human – or if you're a cat who can read, in which case welcome to our website and congratulations on your remarkable achievement – then chances are you have.

And chances are also that you'll love this idea: a pop-up nap bar, that anyone can visit and use for a some shut-eye during the day.

It was set up in Dubai as a promo stunt by furniture company Smarin – and we can only hope it will spawn some permanent imitators around the world. I mean... just look at it.

Smarin Naps1
Smarin Naps2

As if it wasn't enough to have a place to kip, the company also supplied the specially designed lounge chairs, lighting and soft music as well as herbal tea and amazing pillows.

Smarin Naps3
Smarin Naps4
Smarin Naps5

We can but dream.

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