This Comedian Is Responding To The Sad Cases On Twitter Asking Why There's 'No International Men's Day'

Thank you, Richard Herring



It's a question that echoes through the slightly more stupid corridors of Twitter on March 8 every year, as those with no access to Google – and a very scant understanding of gender equality – demand to know how we could possibly celebrate women for one day out of 365.

Thankfully, the amazing Richard Herring is on hand – as he is on this day every year – to set the record straight.

So polite...

Despite having his patience tested


And again...

And again and again and again

The baby sounds a bit easier tbh

Now back to work...

Easy to forget, in fairness

And another quick break – this time for a lesson in how the space-time continuum works


'Feminist at its worst'

'We still live in a sexist society', you say?


And so on...

... and so forth. 

Until the very end of time itself.


Thanks Richard Herring, for taking on a burden that few of the rest of us would be able to handle.

Written By

Aidan Coughlan