WATCH: TG4's Weather Woman Is Potentially Now The Queen Of TV

Teresa Mannion has competition

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Irish broadcasting channel TG4 celebrated two decades on air this week, went about celebrations with a bang - as displayed by weather woman Caitlín Nic Aoidh, who displayed stellar acting skills.

The clip caused a mix of worry, excitement and amazement as displayed below by Twitter users. 

Executing the weather with ease, Caitlín then seems to have gotten an electric shock, causing white noise to appear and 'Fán linn' (please wait) to be seen across the screen.

But don't worry, the whole thing was a prank, and all the hard-working Gaeilgeoir pranksters are ceart go leor.

Take a bow, however lads. 

And don't forget, Halloween started in Ireland you know...

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