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13th Sep 2021

Best social media reactions to the All Ireland Final result

Fiona Frawley

Well guys, that was emotional.

After a whirlwind journey and a final score of 2-14 to 0-15, Sam travelled back to Tyrone for a fourth time on Saturday night. If you’re a Mayo supporter, you might not be in the headspace to laugh about it just yet. And that’s okay. Time is needed to heal and regroup. But whenever you’re ready, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most iconic social media reactions to the result, and a few legendary posts from the lead up to the match that need to be archived forever as part of our history.

1. Toby Aromolaran backs Mayo for Sam on the morning of the match

The redeemed hero of this years Love Island wasn’t the good luck charm we thought he would be, as it turns out.

2. Sheep across the county don the green and red for the day that’s in it

It’s the kind of support ewe need.

3. Reeling in the Weird provides us with this iconic 1996 musical flashback.

Freddie Mercury found vibin’.

4. Some of Ireland’s most esteemed sports commentators weigh in on Twitter.

Despite the support from Toby and the farm animals of Mayo, it wasn’t their year this year. Here are some of our fave Twitter reactions to the result:

And of course, this heartwarming moment after the win on Saturday evening.

We’re all a fan of a bit of Mayo curse related humour but when all’s said and done, it was a great result for Tyrone, and you love to see the celebrations. There’s always 2022 guys.

Header image via Twitter/velvetcloud_ie

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