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10th Feb 2022

This survey just revealed which celeb the Irish public are dying to shift

Katy Thornton

Just in time for Valentine’s Day too…

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, which I’m sure you already know given it’s been blasted everywhere. Love it or hate it, there are certain expectations for the big day, and it can be hard to know which category your significant other falls into. Aldi did a survey on Irish people’s expectations of Valentine’s Day, with some interesting findings.

While the host of people booing Valentine’s Day is ever loud, the survey revealed that 81% people expect their partner to mark the occasion. Aldi’s survey found that “42% say they expect to receive a card, while 25% are anticipating a romantic home-cooked meal“. Perhaps surprisingly, only 17% expect a dinner out. 19% of people said Valentine’s wasn’t their thing at all. So while romance is alive and well for most people, the urge for going all out seems to have diminished.

Most people grew up saying “shift” when they meant kiss (40%) while “meet” (15%) and “snog” (15%) were also common. As for who the Irish people hoped to get the shift from, of Irish celebrities Jamie Dornan came out on top (shocking). He was followed closely by Niall Horan, Una Healy, with honourable mentions for Liam Neeson, Cillian Murphy, and Colin Farrell.

Well that settles it then; the Irish people don’t ask for much, just a nice card and the shift from Jamie Dornan. Surely that’s the least they can expect on Valentine’s Day?

And if you fancy gifting that special person in your life something more, there’s always flowers, of which Aldi has many this Valentine’s season.

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