Trying to be more sustainable this September? Check out these Irish brands!

By Katy Thornton

September 1, 2021 at 9:31am


Shopping sustainably always feels better!

For years now there has been an emphasis on sustainability, with almost a parallel increase in fast fashion production. While there's a reason fast fashion has its place in retail, it's always good to make an effort with ethically sourced clothing and products. Luckily for Ireland, there's a ton of brands that make this easier for shoppers.

1. Fresh Cuts Clothing

This cool Dublin based shop proves how fashionable sustainable clothing can be. Fresh Cuts Clothing provides options for adults and kids, with a range of hoodies and t-shirts. They have a shop in Castle Market and an online store.

2. Mother Reusables

Cut down on plastics with Mother Reusables. They do a range of cool drinking bottles and reusable coffee cups that you can easily take with you on the go. Plus every bottle sold means a tree will be planted with the Eden Reforestation Project. This brand is stocked in a few Irish stores such as Avoca and Fallon & Byrne, as well as online.

3. We Make Good

As the name would suggest, this company is all about contributing to the greater good. The We Make Good website states: "We Make Good was born out of our desire to grow the social enterprise sector in our country, to create many more job opportunities for people from disadvantaged backgrounds, to acknowledge their determination and to embark on a journey together towards a better future." This shop can be found on Fade Street in Dublin and items can also be purchased online.

4. Ohh By Gum

This Galway based boutique has the ethos that "fashion shouldn’t just be about looking good. It should be good for the people who make it. And good for the planet too." Ohh By Gum sells beauty, fashion, and accessories while trying to source everything ethically.

5. Grown

Grown is a small Irish business based in Dublin that makes beautiful comfy clothes such as hoodies, sweatshirts and t-shirts for men, women, and children. They are all about connecting with nature, stating that "When we sat down to design our new collection, we once again turned to nature. This time we didn't want to rely solely on our own personal experiences, we wanted to seek out what draws you." This brand is all about sustainability, even helping to reforest some woodland areas in Ireland.

6. Alice Halliday

The clothing and accessories from this brand are small works of art. The designer Alice Halliday is based in Cork and according to the website her focus is on "sustainable couture, headpieces & accessories". Her pieces have featured in the likes of Vogue. Every fabric has a history behind it and no one piece is exactly alike. You can shop the collection on the Alice Halliday website.

Where are you going shopping first?

Header image via Instagram/grown_clothing

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