Cabu Cabins is the perfect place for a staycation when things open back up

By Alan Fisher

May 4, 2021 at 9:15am


Updated April 30 2021

Cabu Cabins is the perfect place for a staycation when things get back to normal.

It really is an experience of its own but it does come at a price and I'll break that down for you.

First thing is first though. It really is a unique place.

Check out how my staycation went:

I would like to mention that I did go here when the lockdown was lifted late last year and I was allowed to do so.

Cabu Cabins opened in the summer of 2019 and I stumbled across them while looking for a decent staycation last year.


Honesty, it was the only place that gave me the excitement of going on holidays so regardless of the price I booked it. It was a weird year and knowing we wouldn't get away, this was the way to go.

The cabins are located in Cavan so it was just a short trip for me.

Arriving at the place, you instantly see how cool it is with all the cabins scattered throughout the wooded area.

The cabins are actually amazing and I'd live in one if I could.

Beautiful bedrooms with a bathtub in them, a lovely kitchen and dining area, and a very cozy sitting room with a stove fire.

If you wanted to, you could just chill out completely in your cabin and not leave for your entire stay.


There is a communal area where you can sit in front of fires and play games like giant Jenga, connect four, and table tennis.

There is also an outdoor area with three jacuzzis and a sauna where you have to book in your slot.

Both of these areas are amazing and you can order drinks to your jacuzzi which is a massive touch of class.

There's a bar and restaurant on the way but things are on halt due to COVID.


As you can see from the video, we also rented out a boat which I would highly recommend. I've always wanted to see the castle on Lough Oughter and it did not disappoint.

I would say that it was December and we were freezing by the end but still worth it.

So what did this staycation cost?

Here we go.

The cabin alone set us back around €220 a night which is quite pricey but as I said, happy to do so with the year in it.

On top of that, there was a charge of €16 for wood for the fire in our cabin.


One thing that wasn't clear until I got there was that you only get one free jacuzzi slot with your stay. After that, it's €20 per 45-minute slots.

As I said, you end up drinking a bit in the jacuzzi which also adds up.

The boat was €80 to rent for 3 hours so all in all, it cost us around €600 for two nights.

Steep, I know.

Was it worth it?

Yeah, it was.


It was a really nice, unique experience and after the year we've had it was the ideal place to switch off.

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