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20th Dec 2016

Middle Eastern Magic: Falafel That’s Shockingly Easy To Whip Up At Home


  • 1 can of chickpeas
  • Ground cumin
  • Spring onions
  • Coriander
  • Garlic
  • 1 Egg
  • 1 Onion
  • 1 Green chilli pepper

Falafel in pitta has exploded over the last couple of years… thank Christ!

Where it was once one lone vendor in the People’s Park Market in Dun Laoghaire, it’s now at least two of them at almost every farmer’s market in the city (and further afield).

Now I don’t wanna put these boys out of business, but I urge you to have a crack at this Middle Eastern beauty yourself – they’re insanely easy to master and are a total crowd pleaser.

If you’re the type that has an open door policy back at your gaff after the pub, then you’re gonna have a full house every time you stick these on your menu!


Step 1

Lay out your ingredients, like any ol’ pro.


Step 2

Sling a nasty knife through the onion, chili, garlic and coriander – roughly chop and use the coriander stalks, there’s a tonne of flavour in them.

Step 1

Step 3

Drain and lightly wash the chickpeas – you can use dried, but set aside overnight soaking time, 45 minutes’ cooking time… YAWN. Just use the tinned ones!

Step 4

Dump everything into a food processor and wazzooooooo.

Step 3 1

Step 5

At this stage get your seasoning on – taste it and adjust with salt and pepper or more spice if you can dig it. This is your last chance to get this right!

Step 4 1

Step 6

Stick your mitts into the mix and form it into golf ball-sized spheres, then flatten a little so they’re not perfectly round.

Step 5 1

Step 7

Bring a pot or a deep fryer up to 170C and drop the falafels to cook for about 3-4 minutes – do this in about 3 batches, but check the very first one as it comes out, again for seasoning and done-ness. To use the technical term.

Step 6

Step 8

Sling them in a warm pitta with red cabbage, creamy garlic sauce and punch your face in chili sauce!

Final 1

Boom – delicious falafel!