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27th Aug 2021

Upgrade your lunchtime toastie with this TikTok recipe

Fiona Frawley

There are a lot of things that are difficult about working from home.

Missing the office banter, your kitchen table being transformed into a sea of laptop chargers and worst of all – having to figure out what to have for lunch every. single. day.

The good aul cheese toastie is there for us as an option time and time again. Simple but delicious, it gives us what we need and gives us no more. But even classics need a bit of reimagining sometimes, and if cutting your toastie into triangles instead of squares isn’t giving you the thrill it once did, why not give this TikTok recipe a go?

These lil cheese roll ups are the perfect way to make you feel like you’re having a brand new meal without having to pick up anything different at the shops – particularly handy in the lead up to pay day. As the page name suggests this guy knows a thing or two when it comes to sandwiches, and his vids are definitely worth a scroll through if you’re forever in need of lunchtime inspo.

Would you give these a try for a quick and easy midweek lunch?

Header image via TikTok/somethingaboutsandwiches 

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