5 Foods We All Think Are Good For Us But Really Aren't

By Alana Laverty

May 18, 2017 at 4:21pm


The summer is about to kick off and you're silently kicking yourself for not sticking to that New Year's Resolution of going to the gym four times a week, we hear you.

If you're ready to climb back upon the health wagon and give it welly, you should be aware that the following 'healthy' foods might not be so healthy after all. 

Everything in moderation, and all that. 

1. Nut butters

Healthy nut butters, like the Meridian brand ones only have two ingredients, but others can be filled to the brim with sugar. 

Not so smart if you're trying to be good. 

2. Granola

A serving size of granola is actually a lot smaller than you think.

Instead of eating a large bowl of it with milk, try sprinkling it on top of yoghurt and fruit.

Find a healthy recipe online and make your own – that way at least you know what's going into it. 

3. Juice cleanses 

Juice cleanses can often be super healthy, but you lose the fibre of the fruit or vegetable when it's juiced. 

Drinking juice in place of a meal means you're missing out on protein and taking in too much sugar. 

4. Dried fruit

Your banana chips may seem healthier than a big chocolate brownie. 

But the amount of sugar added to certain dried fruit these days would actually shock you. 

Always read the label. 

5. Pre-made soups

Pre-made soups in the supermarket can often seem like a healthy lunch choice, but you'd be surprised by the amount of sodium that's actually in them. 

Soup is so easy to make yourself, check out these recipes for some inspo. 

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