Here Are The 12 Most Irish Things To Happen This Week

Including proclamations of love, coeliac-shaming and excellent parking attempts

Gluten Free

People of Ireland, we love you.

Irish humour is incredibly unique, and love it or loathe it (who on Earth loathes it?), it's here to stay. And thank God for that.

Here are a few of its best example from the last week.

1. This stellar parking job

When there's no road, you must make a road. 

Parking Lane

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2. This approach to explaining the upcoming weather

A forecast only a mother could love

3. This woman attempting to help a person park

You put your left leg in...

4. This method of subscribing new members

5. Any opportunity to slag off people with notions

Wheely well done.

6. This well thought out, personalised car reg

Money well spent.

7. This incredibly accurate depiction of the ever-changing weather 

8. The fair leaders of our country

Sweet baby Jesus. 

9. This standard young Irish mating call 

''I love you Rose, if you want to have it, we'll have it''.

10. A bog-standard method of Dublin barter

11. A classic headline

What are they like?

Screen Shot 2016 07 14 At 12 11 25

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12. And finally, everything about this photograph

Taken at an Irish water protest. We shit you not.

Screen Shot 2016 07 14 At 12 13 20

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